About me

Hi I am Laurens Buijs! I started drumming when I was about 12 years old (born 1996). Since then I have played in several bands, the last few years I also recorded albums with one of those bands (you can listen to one album below on Spotify). Also I took lessons from the start with various teachers, and the last few years I have focused on playing jazz/fusion more.

This year, i am entering the final stage of my Master study at TU Delft (Electrical Engineering), but while studying have been able to play drums quite a lot. In my first year in Delft, Wakki was formed; a jazz-fusion-funk band with whom I have recorded an EP and album, and we have played many nice gigs (also we toured a bit with Popronde). You can find more info about the band here: Wakki band.

Furthermore, I joined the Groover TU Delft Big Band and i am playing with some smaller jazz comboвЂôs to earn money from time to time (and because it is fun of course). With the bigband we have a tour each year in the summer, which goes to a different country each year. This year we will make a stop at Montreux Jazz, to play on the bigband park stage. For more info, visit: Groover Big Band.

Below I have some material that I recorded in the studio or was recorded live. You can also find the link to the Wakki album. Have fun!


FLIM - Solar

This is a recording with my new band 'Flim' (named after the Aphex Twin tune), live @ Dizzy.

W.A.I.T.T. cover

I recorded this at Pim Dros' studio recently. Track contains drums played by the great Justin Brown (I tried to remove them from the mix by some EQing).

BIRD performance - solo

In October 2018 I played in BIRD with Wakki. The credits for this video go to Niek de Bruijn, from which I have taken some lessons in the past year.

KANO - Sticks

With the band KANO I played at Jazz Festival Delft recently, here is a recording of the song 'Sticks'.

Wakki album 'Tektonics'

In 2016 I recorded an album with Wakki. All songs for the album have been written by us.